Quo vadis Braun..? - Repositioning german design in the 21st century


For a long time, practicalty, product honesty and functionality have been regarded as the cornerstones of German design - embodied by the products of the Braun company.. The loss of these traditional design values has been bemoaned several times.

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Other famous, international working companies today take use of this aesthetic-functional design language which had always been a significant character for german design. Therefore much to our surprise we had to discover that in germany nearly all these virtues have been sacrificed to a more short-term aligned marketing design, that is consequently ignoring the factor sustainability.

Beyond a design-specific analysis of the company´s history and philosophy, the three students Jonas Michels, Jörg Peschel und Björn Welzel have developed an idea for the repositioning of the brand. On the basis of this idea they have created a complete design concept of a kitchen product. The topic: the kitchen in the year 2010 with the emphasis on a concept to reintegrate the archaic fire site.

Is it possible to create a product design that is regarding to the growing demands of more emotional products without leaving beside established traditional design values..?

Scientific paper ( history / philosophy )

Concept for repositioning the brand

Demographic market analysis

Product development ( technical / formal)

Packaging concept

Concept for market release (advertising spot/brochure)

We will answer this question in the following with our concept of repositioning the brand, by the product presentation and least but not last by our new german product design.

design.project | quo vadis Braun - repositioning german design in the 21st century